Saturday, October 24, 2015

Coffee Ride #4

Saturday Oct 17, I loaded up my bike in the back of my truck and headed out to Tacoma. I have been fighting off a cold lately so I really didn't feel much like a long ride or doing many hills.
This view is crossing over the Thea Foss waterway on the 11th St bridge. It is a great access to downtown Tacoma from the Industrial tide flats. I brought along my cook kit and some Italian Espresso to brew up, but I needed something to finish it off.


 The Corina Bakery at 602 Fawcett Ave in Tacoma did the trick. I ordered up a Pumpkin Cheesecake cupcake to go and headed back down to a little hide away I know.
The tide was out so lots of mud, garbage and smelly odors were my companions today. I haven't had much luck with brewing coffee grounds through my filter setup, so its instant Espresso for me.
Just like a good handshake, Brooks and coffee. It was warm and overcast with rain threatening so I needed to get the show on the road.
The Pumpkin cupcake was perfect and the coffee nice and strong, I really like coming down to this part of Tacoma on Sundays, the traffic is almost zero and it just feels right. My family has a long history of Longshore work here in the tide flats so it feels like home.
Saw this Hawk dining on a rabbit, not something one sees everyday. My mileage for the day was 7 miles, just a few more days till 7!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trip 3 Oct 16th

 My work schedule allows me every other Friday off, so I will use today for one of my coffee trips.
I drove down to Sumner Wa and parked at the trailhead of the Sumner Link Trail
The Bike trail follows the White River which starts from a glacier high up on Mt Rainier so it runs milky most of the time. My total mileage was a little over 8 miles, the weather was warm for October and I feel this could be it for the warm Indian Summer days we have enjoyed.

I decided to ride my singlespeed bike as the trail was flat and I didn't feel like getting all kitted up.
I brewed up some Medaglia d'oro instant espresso and had a sandwich and some yogurt to round out the menu.
Italian coffee and British leather a match made in heaven, lots of waterfowl were visible from the trail it sure is fall up in Washington with the leaves turning color and all the birds moving through.
I used my Trangia alcohol stove to heat my water, this little stove boils water pretty fast using Heet as fuel which I get from any auto parts store. I have quite a few different backpacking stoves and each one has its pluses and minuses, its good to have choices.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11 Day 2

After yesterdays torrential rain and 40 mph winds, I figured today was my chance to add # 2 to my list. I loaded up the Surly and headed down to the Tacoma Tideflats to a little spot I like to do a brew up.

I brought a pumpkin muffin and some egg nog to compliment my brew up, I used my wood burning Solo stove to heat my water, the weather was great once again, this time of year in Washington we get bonus days with almost summer like conditions without the heat. With the gloomy weather soon to come I will always take advantage of these gifts.

My total mileage for the day was 14 miles I enjoyed the ride and the scenery, I had to high tail it home as the Seahawks game was on at 10. They lost in overtime to the Bengals oh well can't win em all.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Day one of the coffee challenge

I missed the official first day of the challenge as I was camping by Mt Adams with friends. So Sunday Oct 4th was my kick off. I returned home on Sunday tired but had to get out for a cup of coffee and get this going.

 I rode 2 miles up the road to the Java Junkie in Edgewood Wa, its a small drive thru coffee shack just off Meridian ave. There are lots of little drive up coffee shacks like this all over the state of Washington and also tons of Starbucks which isn't surprising as this is the home of the big S.

 Anyway I ordered up a Pumpkin Latte and proceeded to find a comfy place to enjoy this fine early fall afternoon, the coffee was good and hot, just what I needed to kick start my tired body. After my break I went for a short cruise around my neighborhood and called it quits after about 6 miles, not a typical ride for me but hey I was tired.