Friday, October 9, 2015

Day one of the coffee challenge

I missed the official first day of the challenge as I was camping by Mt Adams with friends. So Sunday Oct 4th was my kick off. I returned home on Sunday tired but had to get out for a cup of coffee and get this going.

 I rode 2 miles up the road to the Java Junkie in Edgewood Wa, its a small drive thru coffee shack just off Meridian ave. There are lots of little drive up coffee shacks like this all over the state of Washington and also tons of Starbucks which isn't surprising as this is the home of the big S.

 Anyway I ordered up a Pumpkin Latte and proceeded to find a comfy place to enjoy this fine early fall afternoon, the coffee was good and hot, just what I needed to kick start my tired body. After my break I went for a short cruise around my neighborhood and called it quits after about 6 miles, not a typical ride for me but hey I was tired.

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