Sunday, October 11, 2015

October 11 Day 2

After yesterdays torrential rain and 40 mph winds, I figured today was my chance to add # 2 to my list. I loaded up the Surly and headed down to the Tacoma Tideflats to a little spot I like to do a brew up.

I brought a pumpkin muffin and some egg nog to compliment my brew up, I used my wood burning Solo stove to heat my water, the weather was great once again, this time of year in Washington we get bonus days with almost summer like conditions without the heat. With the gloomy weather soon to come I will always take advantage of these gifts.

My total mileage for the day was 14 miles I enjoyed the ride and the scenery, I had to high tail it home as the Seahawks game was on at 10. They lost in overtime to the Bengals oh well can't win em all.


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