Sunday, November 8, 2015

Coffee ride #5

Sunday Oct 24th, 9.5 miles. I decided to ride the Sumner Link trail and grab a coffee and food along the way. The Link trail is supposed to connect the Interurban trail which runs from Pacific Wa up  north  up to Seattle with the Foothills trail which runs from Puyallup out towards Mt Rainier.
Castle Perk was the coffee stop for today, its a drive up located in downtown Sumner Wa. I ordered an Americano and Italian bagel sandwich. Not much to report for this ride just short and sweet, long gone are the warm indian summer days of early fall, the gloom and doom of fall and winter have arrived, low light and short days are the norm for awhile. It will be mostly riding to work and the dreaded indoor torture sessions to keep fitness sharp for the upcoming cycling season.

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